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A protest song (3ème)

Publié le vendredi 18 avril 2014 11:58 - Mis à jour le jeudi 17 juillet 2014 18:23


I raise my hand
To ask for some help
And I hear your yelp.
For you I'm not in your world
A world where money
Makes you feel happy.
But don't you see my sadness,
Blind in your happiness ?

World, wake up !
Open your eyes
You've got to rise.
Bend on our fate
Don't let us wait.
Our time is counted
Because we are dying
In our poverty !

I see you dying
But I can't do anything
I can't stay here without helping.
But I know the solution :
Do a revolution
Against poverty.
I know you're angry
But I'm still blind.

I know it's hard
But don't be scared
We are on your side
So don't be afraid to try
You will find
The way to survive
God will help you
I can promise you.


When you cry on the floor
Because you're hungry, because you're angry
An angel comes and knocks at the door
You ask him to be lucky
And now you wake up
You realise it was a dream
It was just a coin in your cup
Someone expects you to feel better

You don't have food, you don't have money
From Monday to Sunday
You ask people to give you something
Because in your life you've got nothing.
We tell everybody to be generous
When we see someone on the floor
Giving a coin is nothing for us
Poor people need us more.