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Our favourite stars

Par BEATRICE NAVARRO, publié le dimanche 29 juin 2014 18:14 - Mis à jour le dimanche 7 juillet 2019 18:13



 My favourite star's biography ~

    This might be a bit astonishing to some of you, yet I picked Britney Spears, born in 1981, as my favourite star !She is currently the most compelling and talented singer in Hollywood !

 Not many people are aware of  it, yet even if she started her singing career in 1997, she had already performed on television shows as a child. She has been singing for 15 years though !!

     Futhermore, Britney played in 2002 the starring role in the feature film Crossroads.She has recorded 8 studio albums with Toxic as a worldwide success.

     Whilst Britney has been offered the most honorific titles, including the « Princess of Pop », her work had already brought her numerous awards like a Grammy Award, 6 MTV Video Music Awards, Life time achievement Award, 9 Bilboard Music Awards, then a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.

     Well, no wonder... she has sold over 100 million records worldwide making her one of the best selling music artists of alltime.

Mark my words, she is a rising star !

Mariana, 15, France


I’m a great fan of Little Mix. 

They are the coolest, greatest singers ever !And the most talented too !

They won three awards for Best Band of the year. Little Mix was the first band to win Xfactor. Little Mix have been singing since 2011.

 ‘Salute’…In 2014, they made a cover version of ‘Word up’ by Cameo for a Sport Relief.

 I love them ! They are classy and beautiful !  



                         My favourite star is definitely Jennifer Lawrence !!!

She's exceptional !!In 2006, she began her career as an actress on television with small roles.

In 1972, when she won an Oscar for Best Actress in the film Winter's Bone, at only 19 years, she was already very famous !!!

In 2012, Jennifer Lawrence is chosen to play the part of Katniss Everdeen, in the famous film : Hunger Games. This film sets Jennifer Lawrence as a world star.The same year, she played with Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro in the comedy : Happiness Therapy.In 2013, for her role in the film Happiness Therapy, she won the Golden Globe for Best Actress and the Oscar for Best Actress.

Jennifer Lawrence has been acting for 7 years, and  she is very talented for a 22- year-old actress !!!

Camille, 14


I’m the biggest fan of Jessica Capshaw, she’s the best, the coolest actress ever!

In 1996, she graduated from Harvard and she took acting classes at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London.Three years later, in 1999, she played in 13 episodes of ‘Old Man Out’.In 2001, Jessica played Dorothy Wheeler in ‘Valentine’.And since 2009, she has been playing Dr Arizona Robbins in the medical TV series, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.

She is beautiful and so talented! She is, without a doubt, my favourite actress.



I am a big fan of Selena Gomez. She is a great actress. She started her career as an actress in 2002 and as a singer in 2007. She has played in a lot of films and won many awards. Nicole Kidman even said that she was one of the most talented actress of her generation.

Selena became famous in 2007 with the TV show “The wizards of Waverly place” but her career took off in 2010 when she released her song “Love You Like A Love Song”. In 2013,her singles “Come And Get It” and “Slow Down” were certified platinum by the RIAA. She is super talented!


My favourite star is definetely Lea Michele. She had already played in 'Les Misérables' when she was eight years old. She played  the part of Rachel Berry with Cory Monteith as Finn Hudson in 'Glee' in 2009. She sang 'America the Beautiful' for the Super Bowl on February 6th 2011. The same year, she played with Ashton Kutcher, Robert De Niro and Hillary Swank in the feature film 'Happy New Year'.    On March 4th 2014, she released her album 'Louder'. And she published her biographical book 'Brunette Ambition'.

I love her, she is an amazing star!

Betty ,14


Thierry Dusautoir is one of the best rugby players ever !

He is from Abidjan, in Ivory Coast.He was born in 1981, when he started rugby he was already 16,before that he had practiced judo.

Thierry has been playing for the Stade Toulousain since 2007,with this team he won 5 Brennus and 2 Heineken-cup in only 7 years !

When he reached his peak in 2011 he was rewarded by the award of the MVP of the year !

Now considered as the best blindside flanker of the world, he is also the captain of the Stade Toulousain and the French rugby team, and his career it's not finished yet … !



I am a great fan of Roger Federer. I am really impressed by his career and success. He was born in 1981. He has been playing professional tennis since he was only 17 years old! He owns the world record of weeks spent  at the first place of the world tennis  “ATP World Tour”, as well as the world record of 17 grand slam victories . According to me, he’s the best sport-person ever! He announced his intention to continue his career until the 2016 Olympic Games.

On top of that, he is a really elegant tennis player, because he does his backhands with only one arm. He has got 4 children ( twins , twice!).

 He is  very classy, modest and so talented!!!

Quentin, 14


My favourite star is definitely Guillaume Canet, born in 1973. He dedicated himself to a horse riding career but after a serious fall, he became an actor.

He is an actor and a director. All his films are the most famous in the world, like “Ne le dis à personne” for which he got a César for Best Filmmaker. He is very popular and he's got a child with Marion Cotillard. They played in “Jeux d’enfants” together in 2003. He has been acting in films since 1997 and he had already acted in 23 films.

He is the coolest, greatest actor ever!!!!

Jade, 15


My favourite star is definitely Jennifer Lawrence ! She is the most talented actress of her generation !

She was spotted in New-York when she was 14 years-old and she started her career in TV-series.She was nominated for The Oscar for Best actress when she was only 19 years-old !And three years later, she got this Oscar for her part in «Happines Therapy » .

I am sure you know her as Mystic or Katniss Everdeen in the last two blockbusters ' X-men 'and  ' Hunger Games', but I was really impressed by her performance in 'American Bluff ' ( =« American Hustle » ).

Today, she has already played in 21 films and she is the most compelling actress now !





I'm a great fan of Tom Cruise... He became famous with ' Top Gun '. Tom is intelligent and really professional. And guess what ?! He won 3 nominations at the Oscars and 7 nominations at the Golden Globe. Tom Cruise is an actor and a producer for American films. For me, he's the most talented producer ever !! On top of that, he has got his star on the Walk of Fame !!!


Anna, 15


My favourite director and producer is Steven Spielberg. He realized ,when  he was little , that he wanted to  direct many movies .Since 1989  he has created a lot of feature films like E.T, The Color Purple…

He is the most exceptional director ever!






Our favourite star is definitely Angelina Jolie. We're really impressed by her career and success. She played in Tomb Raider in 2001 and she has  acted in 11 films .She’s a world star. Her best-known films are Tom Raider, Mr and Mrs Smith, Wanted, The tourist and Salt. She is classy ,beautiful and so talented. Angelina Jolie is an actress and a filmmaker. She starred in Gone in 60 seconds in 2000, Lara Croft 1 and 2 in 2001 and 2002, Shark tale,Mr and Mrs Smith in 2004. Angelina Jolie also played in Wanted, The Tourist and Salt. For her films she has won 3 Golden Globes, 2 screen actors Guild Awards, and an Oscar. She has adopted Madox Chivan in 2001, Pax Thien in 2003 and Zahara Marley in 2005, Shiloh Nouvel in 2006, Vivienne Marchelime and Knox Léonin in 2008. She  got engaged to Brad Pitt in 2012. Angelina Jolie is a very courageous woman because in May 2013 she has had  a severe operation to avoid breast-cancer.We love her!

Marie and Sophie,14


My favourite star is Rachel McAdams, she’s a superb Canadian actress.She’s the most beautiful artist I have ever seen ! In 2001,she graduated from York University.

In 2004, aged 26 she became famous because of 'Mean girls '

and the romantic drama ' The Notebook ', I loved this film !

She got a nomination for the Rising Star Award.

So I’m definitely the biggest fan of Rachel McAdams. She’s the most talented eve and I love her !!


                             Laure, 14


This might come as a surprise, but I picked PAUL SIMONON as my favourite star !

He was born on December 15th in 1955 and he grew up in the Jamaican suburb of London, that’s why he has always been influenced by the most marvellous music of all, reggae music!

When he started playing with THE CLASH in 1976, he had never played the bass before ! But he was so talented that the band could give their first concert only 6 months after PAUL SIMONON had begun playing !

 After THE CLASH, and before being a painter, he played with HAVANA 3AM. He is the classiest bassist ever .


PAUL SIMONON is a legend of punk rock !


By   Myrtille