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Riddles and tales by pupils from 6°4,5 and 6°Bil .2013-2014

Par BEATRICE NAVARRO, publié le dimanche 7 septembre 2014 13:50 - Mis à jour le dimanche 7 septembre 2014 15:54











Princess Arabella


Once upon a time, a queen called Arabella lived in an old cottage.

Arabella was very sweet and very pretty but she was very sad : her father was dead ... and her stepmother, Kruella, was a stupid witch.

She was very cruel and very horrid, and she was also very jealous of Arabella because Arabella had a generous fiancé : king Andy.

One day Kruella locked her daughter in a magical tower.

Arabella screamed and cried, and banged on the door, but Kruella refused to open it. Arabella waited for 7 days and 7 nights. She was sad, hungry and miserable.

One day she decided to escape: she made a rope and climbed down the tower. The tower was in a dangerous and huge forest. Arabella walked for 2 days, she was hungry and thirsty, but finally she arrived at a farm. She knocked at the door, a beautiful fairy opened the door and smiled. The fairy offered Arabella cookies, tea and soup. Arabella explained her story and the fairy decided to help her. They walked back to the tower, and the fairy turned Kruella into an ugly wolf.


Two months later, Arabella and Andy got married and they lived happily ever after .