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Publié le vendredi 21 février 2014 14:07 - Mis à jour le vendredi 18 avril 2014 12:02

Quelques productions d'élèves de 3ème pour la heart St-Valentin heart . Enjoy !

"To the man I met in a game online. I just tried another game, I asked one question in the chat and you answered. We began to chat in private, we gave each other our Facebook, we Skyped every night. Days by days, we got closer. We gave each other our phone numbers. We sent each other two thousand messages for a week.
We talked every day, everytime.
And when we met for the first time,
in reality it was just awesome, but since you left, all I've done is crying. My life without you is nothing. I need you for the rest of my life.
You are far away but you are in my heart.
You are my drug. We are bound with an unbreakable link. I love you so much."

"To our best friend who is always smiling
Oh, with your long blond hair
Call us when you are crying
Let us take care
Of you
Tell us your secret.
If we love you
Life will have no regrets.
Do you see the stars ?
Each one of them meets the brightness of your eyes."

"To the gorgeous brunette girl I saw at the cafeteria who I would like to invite to the pizzeria or to the pub to have a drink, to tell her how much I think that she is the love of my life."

"To the ugly and nasty girl who stole my bag, it's not a good gag ! She spoke in my back in the school playground and ruined my reputation all around. I swear I will revenge, one day when she will not expect me to do the same."

"To the neighbour of my neighbour
You're a super chatterbox
We know this, so please, stop chatting !
You're always either chatting or sleeping
When you chat, I've got a big headache after class."

"He's tall, 23 years old
He has got black hair, nearly bold
He has got a pîercing in the nose and two stretches in the ears,
Some tattoos on his body
This boy has got an original style, a little gothic."

"To the blonde girl in the red car at 4pm, learning mathematics : you were so fantastic.
I don't know who you are, I d'ont know what you want.
You're so beautiful."

"To the prettiest English teacher I have ever had
I saw her in the corridor,
Her smile was beautiful,
She had different coloured eyes, they were wonderful.
The light that I have seen when she looked at me,
Made me feel happy.
The sound of her voice,
Didn't let me the choice :
I had to declare my love !

I'm just a fifteen year old teenager,
I will give my heart to her
Even is she doesn't love me, for sure.

I'm in her class of English,
I'm not British.
I'm just a poor boy, and I'm Spanish."

"To the girl who is next to the door, at the back of the class. She is a beautiful girl with long black hair.
My love for you is as long as your hair.
As you participate a lot, when you speak I'm in the sky. When you get 20/20, I'm as happy as you.
Last night, I dreamed of you, you were scuba diving and you were swimming with me in the ocean.
Today, I noticed that I'm in love
And my love, it's you !"


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